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Filament Easy PLA Fiberlogy 1.75mm Onyx 0.85kg

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Producent: Fiberlogy
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About Easy PLA

Easiness to print with - this is the most important property of this filament, as its name says. The use of Easy PLA in 3D printing does not require a huge amount of experience from 3D printer user, making it an excellent material for people who have just started  their adventure with 3D printing, but also advanced users will discover many advantages of using Easy PLA filament to create amazingly complex prints. Their individual layers show excellent adhesive properties whitch means they adhere very well to each other. Printing with Easy PLA does not require to use closed-chamber 3D printer. Additionally, similarly to classic polylactide (PLA) material the following filament is biodegradable.

About Fiberlogy

The filament spool put in the Fiberlogy logo clearly shows which 3D printing technology is the center of the company’s interest. Filaments produced by Fiberlogy team are used to create three-dimensional objects thanks to FDM technology. Great filament quality is determined, among others, by excellent oval tolerance and diameter tolerance as well. A huge variety of 3D printer filaments and their colors allows everyone, even the most demanding enthusiast of 3D printing, to find a material crafted by Fiberlogy which is precisely tailored to user’s preferences. Excellent quality of used raw materials, wide range of types of filaments and colors, as well as innovative approach in producing 3D printer filaments - these are features that combined together are perfect description of Fiberlogy offer and the brand itself.

Product documentation

Technical Data Sheet: TDS

Material Safety Data Sheet: MSDS

Fiberlogy Easy PLA - properties

Material PLA
Diameter 1.75mm
Diameter tolerance ±0.02mm
Oval tolerance +0.01mm
Net weight 0.85kg
Nozzle temperature from 200°C to 230°C
Bed temperature from 50°C to 70°C
Closed chamber not required
Fan from 70% to 100%
Flowrate from 90% do 100%
Printing speed less than 100mm/s
Retraction (bowden) from 4mm to 6mm
Retraction (direct) from 2mm to 3mm
Retraction speed from 20mm/s to 45mm/s
  • glass
  • masking tape
Drying condition 50°C/4h
  • Easy PLA Aurora – recommended minimum 0.5mm nozzle
  • Easy PLA White – due to the dye, the suggested minimum printing temperature is 230°C

Dane techniczne

Wytrzymałość temperaturowa do 50°C
Seria producenta Fiberolgy - Easy PLA
Rodzaj materiału PLA
Kolor Onyx
Efekt wizualny Z brokatem
Waga netto 0.85kg
Średnica 1.75mm

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