PETG filaments

PETG Filaments are very popular 3D printer materials. They have great chemical resistance and durability. Variety of PETG filaments is quite huge. They can have not only great visual features. PETG filaments are often produced in variants that are made especially for industrial purposes. You can buy material that could be non-flammable or filled with carbon fiber. PETG filaments that offer higher thermal resistance than standard PET-G are available too. We offer materials made by lots of different companies such as Spectrum Filaments, ROSA 3D, Nebula Filaments, Fiberlogy, Grupa Azoty and more. We also have our own filament brand. Our PETG filaments are highly-appreciated by our customers - we guarantee you won't be disappointed with their quality.


PET-G filaments - easy to use and durable

PET-G filaments are popular materials for 3D printing, along with PLA and ABS. PET-G is known for its ease of use and durability, and is a common choice for printing strong and chemically-resistant objects. PET-G filaments are available in a wide range of colors and visual properties, with some modified versions offering even higher thermal resistance. Brands such as Spectrum, Fiberlogy, Nebula, Grupa Azoty, ROSA 3D, F3D Filament, Noctuo, and Zortrax offer PET-G filaments, while Zadar also offers PET-G filaments with a proprietary recipe. PET-G filaments are comparable to ABS in terms of strength and chemical resistance, making them a good choice for technical applications. The color options available for PET-G filaments are extensive, making it easy to print objects with a wide range of colors and visual properties. PET-G filaments are also available in transparent versions, offering even more options for creative and decorative prints.

PETG filaments - almost as durable as ABS

PET-G filaments are very durable materials. This durability can be understood in various ways. PET-G filaments are characterized by, among other things, excellent chemical resistance. Various acids, bases, and neutral substances do not have negative effects on surfaces made from PET-G prints. The material is also known for its excellent mechanical strength. Its strength is high enough that PETG filaments can compete with ABS-type plastics in this respect. Good resistance to cracking is one of the important components of its mechanical strength. A user of a 3D printer who would like to make prints from PET-G filament might ask: What about the thermal resistance of this material? Well, it is high. However, it increases significantly when it characterizes appropriately modified PET-G filaments. Such materials include PET-G HT100 and PET-G FX120. These are PETG filaments produced by the company Spectrum, which are part of the Industrial line of this manufacturer.

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